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CHADD(Children and Adults with ADHD) Parent Representative

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Empathy and Education-Elementary, Middle, and High School

Private class Winter 2020/2021

Local after school program, contact us for this presentation for your program

Empathy and Education-For the Early Childhood Years 

Private class March 22, 2019

Local private school, contact us for this presentation at your school


Parent Presentations and Facilitator

Fall 2018/2019 CHADD Meetings-Free to all CHADD members

$5 donation to nonmembers


Parenting with Love and Logic

Beginning November 15, 2018

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Monday, October 22, 2018  Way Elementary School

CHADD Meeting

Lecture 7:30-9:00

Collaborating with Your Child's School, IEPs/504 Plans, Parent Advocacy, and Homework Issues


Monday, May 13, 2019, Way Elementary School

CHADD Meeting

Lecture 7:30-9:00


Spring and  Summer Parent To Do List.


Contact us to bring any of these lectures to your school or organization

May12, 2018 Wayne County Community College

Type 1 Nation-Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

Your Legal Rights at School-Proper Accommodations in IEP and 504 Plans

September 27, 2016 Madison Heights Public Schools

Creating Positive Connections in Your Child's IEP

Contact us if you would like this presentation at your school's PAC Meeting


November 15, 2016

6:30-8:30 P.M.  West Bloomfield Public Library Meeting Room

Empathy and Education- Teaching Children with Unique Temperaments, Sensory Issues, ADHD and Other Related Disorders

As educators, we are given the gift to work with all types of personalities and unique individuals with specific needs.  Our goal is to support each child’s development.  Knowing what strategies support growth, in more challenging behavioral areas that affect learning, and understanding the issues that may inhibit forward movement for these unique learners is key to our success as an educator.

Is it Temperament or is there something else getting in the way of progress?

What are executive functions and how do they affect behavior and learning?

What are Sensory Issues?

What do you do in your classroom to support Executive Function and Sensory Issues in your Classroom?

What could you add to your classroom and teaching strategies to teach appropriate behavior skills?


Parents of children in the Early Childhood Years are welcome to attend.



March 2, 2017

6:30-8:30 P.M.  West Bloomfield Public Library Meeting Room

Facts and Fallacies of ADHD

Created By CHADD- Children and Adults with ADHD




                                               ADHD Parent Boot Camp


Future Dates to Be Determined

Private Classes are Available


Class 1 Overview of ADD/ADHD 

Class 2 Assessment, Treatments and Causes of ADD/ADHD 

Class 3 Managing the Impact on the Family 

Class 4 Developing Parenting Strategies and Positive Behavior 

Class 5 Educational Rights 

Class 6 Building and Educational Team-Bridging the Gap Between Home and School 

Class 7 Resiliency, Teen Challenges and Future Success 



Parenting with Love and Logic




Contact us for more details at or (248)310-7700

Private Classes are Available






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