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Brenda Mann MA Ed        (248) 310-7700


When your child is struggling with academics, behavior, homework, and/or daily routines I can help.  We will work with the proper interventions and tools to achieve success. My experience in working with children has fueled my passion to support families. I am not only an educator but a "MOM WHO GETS IT!"





Collaborating with your child’s school can be a challenge, specifically when your child is not doing well academically or behaviorally.  My experience as an educator allows me to support this positive connection between your family and school. Proper collaboration, and using research-based techniques to support greater success for your child’s special needs is critical.




Parenting is challenging in the best of circumstances, but with a child who has ADHD, learning disabilities, mood disorders, and/or other related disorders, parents must have the necessary training to successfully help their child.  There are many techniques that will help you assist your child in finding greater achievement in all areas of their life. Being fully educated about your child’s challenges gives you a disability perspective. This allows you to parent your child.  Finding the proper professionals and techniques is critical to making progress.



Most teachers do their best to accommodate your child’s special needs. General Education teachers are not trained to support children with learning differences and mood disorders. Unfortunately, due to cuts in special education and general education funds, your child’s special needs are often not met. When you have tried to work with your child’s school and are not finding success, I can advocate for your child’s  FAPE (free and appropriate public education.) Children with special needs often have legal rights to additional support and accommodations in publics school and are often offered in private schools.


ACADEMIC COACHING(Kindergarten-College)

Children with brain-based disorders need to use specific tools to give them strategies to help them achieve where they may otherwise struggle with organization, time management, procrastination, study skills, self-advocacy and other issues related to their disorder.  I can work with you and your child to find those tools for success. College Students may Zoom or Facetime when there is a distance. 



Tutors teach academic subjects.  Finding the right tutor can be a challenge. I am able to successfully work with children who have ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Autism, Mood Disorders or other learning differences. 



Language Arts and Math or Executive Function Strengthening Summer Boot Camps

Most children with brain based disorders, often have lags in learning or study skills.  Let's use this time to grow.

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