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Brenda Mann MA Ed-Educator with over 30 years of experience and Mom who “GETS IT”


Educating in both public and private schools for over 20 years I saw a tremendously disappointing number of parents whose children were struggling but didn’t know how to help them in school.  I was not allowed to suggest a possible diagnosis of ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, or Mood Disorders, as I am not a medical doctor.  Unfortunately, doctors usually can’t see the symptoms of these disorders in their office while teachers are not trained to diagnose these disorders and are often not aware of how these disorders impact school success. Sadly, the parents who were doing everything they knew to do at home to support their child, were “masking” the effects of the disability with their intense amount of support at home.  Often their support was useless, as it did not transfer to school success, as the parents were not educated in proper home support and necessary school collaboration.  Their efforts actually kept their children from receiving additional support in school.  Had these parents known how to properly advocate for their child, there were many supports their child should have received, but often not offered by their school.


My Goal For Families and Children

My goal is to support and enrich the unique academic, behavioral, emotional, and social progress of children who are struggling, behaviorally or academically.   A major focus for my families is creating a positive connection between home and school.  The goal is for families to find the appropriate professional supports and strategies to aid their child’s needs and “bridge the gap” between parents and professional support.   My passion is to educate parents in having a “disability perspective” to best guide their children.  My experience, as a Mom and Educator who “gets it” allows me to coach children to do better both socially and academically.

Over 30 incredible years of working to support children and their families


   Elementary, Middle School and High School Remediation and General Education Teacher


             Title 1 Educator-Remedial Summer School ELA


 Created/Taught Middle School Summer Math and Language Arts Boot Camps and Summer Executive Function Skills Camps

Motor Moms and Dads and Handwriting Without Tears 


           CHADD Parent to Parent Educator and Co-chair for Eastern Oakland  County-(Children and Adults with ADHD)*


         Academic Coach/Tutor  

            Parent Educator/Love and Logic


Creator/Educator-Empathy and Education for Educators and Families



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